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LISA: The Licensing, ITAM, and SAM Academy

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Independent, Expert Training For ITAM, SAM And Software Licensing Professionals

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Independent, Expert Training For ITAM, SAM And Software Licensing Professionals

We’re dedicated to meeting your training needs and to helping you develop, succeed, and be in demand.

We’re the source for up-to-date, expert IT Asset Management and licensing training. Our courses range from software licensing to ITAM disciplines, concepts, tools, and more. With constantly refreshed materials that feature real-world scenarios, our training is deliverd by experienced, industry leaders. 

With LISA, you can learn live in person, live online, or on-demand so you can learn how you want, when you want, and from wherever you want. 

  • Purchase one subscription to access all courses.
  • Attend 100+ hours of live in-person and live online training.
  • Access 60+ hours of on-demand training.
  • Learn from up-to-date, real-life scenarios.
  • Train with industry professionals with decades of experience.

Train and certify in your own time.

Our Licensing, SAM And ITAM Courses

An annual subscription to LISA includes ALL of the following ITAM training courses and more!

Microsoft Essentials Training

Our Microsoft Licensing Training course starts with the areas common to many organisations. It aims to help you get to grips with these subjects before moving on to some of the more complicated…

Licensing Training

The SAP Licensing course  introduce SAP licensing terms and concepts for those unfamiliar with how SAP licenses its products.

Oracle Licensing Training

This Oracle Licensing course will help you understand Oracle’s Database licensing rules. It will also help you to identify, and avoid, common non-compliance scenarios. 


The online Practical ITAM Training course helps ITAM professionals learn all 12 elements of world-class ITAM.

Meet The LISA Experts

Meet our highly-qualified Course Leaders who have hands-on ITAM experience.

Barry Pilling

VMware Expert

Miriam Redding

IBM Expert

Rich Gibbons

Microsoft Expert

Becki Riall

SAP Expert

The ITAM Forum Has Acquired LISA!

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Train and certify in your own time.

What Our Customers Say

“I love the way you can access ITAM and SAM training in bite-size chapters…all delivered by the industry’s leading experts.”
Manager Software Asset Management, NBN
“My experience with LISA was cool because it's an online tool that I can reach wherever I am and schedule according to my time. I strongly recommend it to everyone that wants to start or get a deep knowledge in licensing, ITAM or SAM.”
Asset Manager, Freudenberg IT LP
“LISA gives us access to high-quality training across a range of relevant subject areas, and the fact it's available online and on-demand means we can schedule sessions into an overall training plan that works for us.”
IT Asset Manager, Yorkshire Water

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