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1% Learning For Good is an initiative by ITAM Review Learning where 1% of the business’ revenue is contributed to good causes around the world. Learning For Good currently focuses its efforts on two particular organisations; one supporting environmental projects and the other, helping support children’s education.


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IT Schools Africa

ITSA provides e-Learning technology to help improve life opportunities for school students in Africa and the UK. To date, the charity has provided over 5 million children in Africa with access to digital education – we look forward to helping that grow.


Ecologi helps fund projects that reduce Co2 levels globally and contribute to the fight against climate change. It does this through tree planting and carbon reduction projects – we will be creating our own ‘LISA Forest’ and you’ll be able to track it on a map as it flourishes.

Our Virtual Forest

As of September 2022, we have planted over 14,000 trees with our sustainability partner Ecologi!

The ITAM Review Learning team thanks you for supporting these great causes!

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