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Your Gateway Into Understanding The Intricate, Century-Long World Of IBM Licensing:

Welcome to IBM: Essentials, our latest IBM course and the first in a new series of IBM courses by LISA. This course is your essential gateway to understanding the intricate world of IBM licensing, regardless of your role, be it IT Asset Manager, Software Asset Manager, Licensing Professional, Procurement Expert, Engineer, or Product Manager.

IBM’s century-long legacy of technological innovation has resulted in diverse agreements with evolving terms and conditions. Making the management of IBM licenses a complex task, even for seasoned professionals, as the dynamic nature of IBM software licensing requires continuous review of compliance processes.

In this course, we empower you to grasp the core critical aspects of IBM licensing and develop a practical approach to navigating these terms and ensuring compliance.

What You'll Learn

By the end of this course, you will:

Course Content

  • Introduction to course leader.
  • What you’ll be learning.
  • An overview of the IBM contract landscape.
  • An introduction to some key elements and benefits inside the IBM contract landscape.
  • Common metrics for IPLA.
  • PVU calculation.
  • Virtualisation, containerisation and their impacts on licensing.
  • IBM acquisition products.
  • Impacts of regular changes.
  • Current trends.
  • Key takeaways.
  • Related courses.
  • Helpful resources.
  • Acronyms and glossary.

Introducing Miriam Redding, a seasoned professional in the computer software industry known for her expertise in Software Asset Management, and IBM contract negotiations and licensing management. With a history of successful team leadership, Miriam excels in strategic planning and consistently delivers growth and results. As a founder and director of Navigate Clear, she offers expert guidance in the software advisory realm. 

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