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Empower Your Audit Defence Skills: Navigate, Strategise, and Take Control with LISA's defence course:

Software audits are pretty much a fact of life, and almost every single ITAM professional is going to experience at least one in their life – quite often 2 or 3 at the same time!


Audits are triggered by the software vendors as a process for them to ensure your compliance with the various terms, metrics, and rules that comprise their licensing program or, more likely, programs. The ability for the software vendors to perform audits is written in to their software contracts, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless in these situations.

With the right skills, preparation, and a good game plan, you can take control of the audit process – let LISA show you how.

Learn more about what does, and doesn’t, trigger a software audit here.

What You'll Learn:

The Introduction to Audit Defence Training Course will help you understand the various stages of an audit, what’s involved along the way, and what you can do to keep control and manage the process effectively. Across the series of modules, we look at topics including:

Why Take The Audit Defence Certification?

Course Content

  • Introduction to software licenses.
  • What is an audit?
  • Impacts of an audit.
  • What triggers an audit?
  • Risk factors.
  • Reducing the chances of an audit.
  • Types of software audit.
  • Who carries out audits?
  • The audit letter.
  • Postponing an audit.
  • Obtaining senior management buy-in.
  • Audit preparation.
  • Audit response team.
  • Role of 3rd parties.
  • Audit protocols and scope.
  • Audit communications.
  • Risk management.
  • Audit logs.
  • Software Discovery.
  • Obtaining license entitlement.
  • The draft ELP.
  • Negotiations and settlement.
  • Wash up and lessons learned.
  • Negotiating contracts with audits in mind.


Kylie is an experienced Software Asset Manager and Software Category Manager with a track record of enabling companies to optimise their IT estate through the creation of best practice and compliant SAM frameworks. She is adept at leading vendor negotiations to drive outcomes that maximise IT investment and develop highly responsive SAM strategies that deliver reduced costs through efficient licence management and support future direction requirements. Kylie currently operates as an independent consultant and has done since 2009, supporting organisations including DirectLine and Thameswater to leverage the benefits of IT asset management and achieve critical business objectives. Recent key projects include negotiating a three year Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrolment contract and achieving a 12% discount with the supplier to support a multi-million data transformation programme. Kylie is passionate about supporting businesses of all sizes to drive continuous improvement, reduce risk and achieve return on investment through the development of creative asset management solutions.

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