LISA - the Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy by ITAM Review Learning

How is LISA priced?

Whether you’re purchasing this for yourself to help grow your personal skills, or you’re an organisation looking to get multiple people trained up – we’ve got you covered.

LISA is licensed on a per user annual subscription basis.

Subscriptions can be purchased for an individual, or for multiple users.

An annual subscription to LISA includes ALL of the following courses available immediately and on-demand 24/7/365:


1 User



2-10 Users


11-25 Users


26-50 Users


51-100 Users


101+ Users


What's included?

Check out what our customers are saying about LISA:

“I would like to thank Martin Thompson for the great discussion! PITAM gives an excellent insight into the development of SAM Maturity. I would like to recommend for the SAM community.”
Global Software Asset Manager, KUKA AG
“I would like to thank Martin Thompson for all the sessions of this great course! It was good to take part in this course, it was comprehensive, providing very good insights on IT asset management with focusing on the practical aspects. Looking forward to take part in more interesting courses like this!”
Global License Manager, CAM Systems Consulting GmbH
“You were my first go to Software Licensing instructors when I was new in the field and were always very helpful with sharing your expertise including LISA training as well. I highly recommend their IT Asset Management training.”
ITAM Contract Analyst, SHI