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Elevate Your Salesforce Mastery: Unveiling Licensing Insights, Empowering Your Business, and Navigating the Ecosystem

With Salesforce being such an essential ITAM vendor to manage, we’re excited to be offering our LISA subscribers an exclusive training course about Salesforce to aid your learning and provide essential guidance you can apply to your business from an expert with 10 years of experience.

In 2 hours, you will overview 10 main areas of the Salesforce ecosystem: Salesforce platform overview, Clouds and their purposes, descriptions of licenses and how to choose the right one, etc.

The course also comes with an associated certification upon passing the examination, so you can consolidate your knowledge.

What You'll Learn:

Our Salesforce licensing course looks at ten main areas:


Serge Koczanowski is a proven Salesforce guru with more than 10 years of experience of handling the most complicated Salesforce projects in the world, as an architect and a solution consultant.
He founded Twistellar, a #1 Salesforce Consulting Partner from Denmark, that grew from 0 to 100+ people in 6 years, and shares his knowledge of Salesforce best practices, non-trivial Salesforce solutions and master integration techniques with customers across the globe. Serge is a perfectionist, always aiming at the maximum outcome of any of his work.

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