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Licensing, SAM, ITAM Academy (LISA)

Can't find ITAM training close to home? Frustrated when that learning is out of date within a couple of months? Do you struggle to find different providers to cover all the asset management and licensing training you need?

LISA is on-demand video training content based on real-world scenarios relevant to your role as an ITAM, SAM or software licensing pro.

Get training, quizzes, certifications and knowledge checks – all accessible online 24/7.

Subscribe online and avoid the classroom.

Train and certify in your own time.

Stay up to date and be in demand.

ITAM Training - Licensing, SAM, ITAM Academy from The ITAM Review

Expert training available on-demand from The ITAM Review

Learn on-demand. Be in demand.

The IT asset management and licensing industry is complex and changes often. We believe traditional classroom training isn't always the answer. 

Big brands and organisations are dealing with significant risk if they don’t stay on top of their licensing and asset management responsibilities. It’s no wonder there’s global demand for up-to-date licensing skills and certifications. For the latest best-practice knowledge that covers all areas of your licensing and asset management work, we’re here to help.

Check out what our customers are saying about LISA:

“This is perfect, keeping my knowledge on licensing up to date, no class room, all on demand so I can consume and learn whenever, wherever I want.”

Jochen Hagenlocher

Head SAM, Novartis Pharma AG

“My experience with LISA Training was cool, because it is a tool online that I can reach where ever I am and schedule according to my time. I strongly recommend it to everyone that wants to start or to get a deep knowledge in Licensing, ITAM or SAM.”

Javier Moreno

Asset Manager for Freudenberg IT LP.

“LISA gives us access to high quality training across a range of relevant subject areas, and the fact it is available online and on-demand means we can schedule sessions into an overall training plan that works for us.”

James Crossland

IT Asset Manager for Yorkshire Water