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Unlock the power of Citrix Licensing with our introductory course:

For many organisations, Citrix may be a legacy product. Our experience indicates that such legacy products can be a source of increased licensing risk and unexpected costs. Furthermore, Citrix recently became part of Cloud Software Group alongside TIBCO, resulting in changes to license agreements and product availability.

This course is the first part of a two-part Citrix series, and it’s designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Citrix and rapidly bring you up to speed.

The course starts by diving into Citrix as a product, its company history and how the recent changes to ownership affect existing customers. We then move on to buying programs and options for customers worldwide and analysing Citrix license agreements.

Don’t let Citrix licensing complexities hold you back. Enrol in our Citrix Licensing Essentials course today to unlock the full potential of your Citrix investments and drive your organisation’s success in the digital age.

What You'll Learn:

By the end of this course, you will:

Course Content

  • An introduction to the course leader.
  • Who should take this course and why?
  • An overview of the course and the course objectives.
  • Explore the history of Citrix as a company and its products.
  • Understand the recent changes in ownership and their implications for Citrix customers.
  • Dive deep into Citrix’s buying programs, catering to customers worldwide and across various sectors.
  • Gain insights into Citrix’s strategic direction and how it can impact your IT decisions.
  • Analyse Citrix license agreements to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Identify options and opportunities for optimising your Citrix licensing investments.
  • Learn to negotiate and manage Citrix licenses effectively.
  • Access a glossary of crucial Citrix licensing terms.
  • Find valuable links to further reading and reference materials.

AJ has worked in IT for 25 years in a variety of roles including IT Operations and Software Asset Management. He has practical, hands-on experience of ITAM Tools and provides training on how to use them to accurately reflect your license entitlements and consumption. He has a deep understanding of discovery and inventory techniques and also trains SAM professionals on IT Operations concepts such as virtualisation, containerisation, cloud, and SaaS.


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