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Who or what is LISA?


Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy

LISA stands for Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy and is run by The ITAM Review. Since 2008, we’ve been the world’s trusted resource for newsreviews and resources for ITAMSAM and software licensing professionals.

We believe traditional classroom training doesn’t always work in the fast-moving and complex world of licensing and IT asset management.

We are here to change things. Taking inspiration from services such as Netflix and Spotify, we’re offering on-demand video based licensing and ITAM training. Plus, you can certify to demonstrate your knowledge. That’s LISA.

LISA is an always expanding learning platform from The ITAM Review, providing independent specialist training on Licensing, ITAM and SAM topics.

LISA is here to help you gain the knowledge you need to make every project a success. LISA makes it easier than ever to access top quality, industry relevant training.

The smart choice for IT asset management and licensing pros

  • Online access – no travel
  • Bitesize learning – pause, resume, learn, and re-watch when it suits you.
  • Certifications – show off your skills, justify your investment.
  • Cost-effective – subscription model with regular new and updated material.
  • Engaging content – interactive, person-led videos.
  • Fast onboarding – get new hires trained and certified quickly to save your staff’s time.

Our ITAM Essentials Subscription comes with all our on-demand training content. Licences are on a per-user basis and last for 12 months.


LISA Modules

Each module covers key elements of knowledge for an ITAM professional, be that software licensing, audit techniques and/or understanding the technology, and each one is delivered by industry professionals with decades of experience. Our modules are based on up to date, real-life scenarios and are ideal for individuals or large groups.

Why Subscribe to LISA?

LISA makes access to high quality training easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to train one person or a whole team, LISA enables training on a schedule that works. People learn at different speeds and in different ways, for example -some prefer to review content over a period of time, others like to move through the content as fast as possible, some love a good quiz to check their knowledge while others may prefer to simply rely on their notes.

Also, what’s one of the main problems with accessing training? Availability.

You see a course you’d like to do but it’s not on near you, or it’s on a date that doesn’t work for you, or you get everything booked but then work gets in the way and you have to cancel. Because LISA is online and on-demand, our training is always ready when you are.

Finally, removing the need for travel and accommodation costs means you can do more with your training budget – you can train more of your staff, helping lead to even greater ITAM savings.

What’s included in LISA & what is planned?

LISA includes:

  • Access to on-demand training on multiple products across a range of vendors including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and more.
  • Training on concepts such as virtualization, Cloud and core licensing.
  • Exercises and quizzes to help ensure understanding and knowledge retention
  • The ITAM Review PITAM Training
  • Certification to build your portfolio & showcase your skills
  • Access to reduced cost tickets for ITAM Review conferences

For a live view of completed and planned modules available in LISA, please visit our live Trello board here: LISA Content Schedule Trello Board.

Check out what our customers are saying about LISA:

“This is perfect, keeping my knowledge on licensing up to date, no class room, all on demand so I can consume and learn whenever, wherever I want.”
Head SAM, Novartis Pharma AG
“My experience with LISA Training was cool, because it is a tool online that I can reach where ever I am and schedule according to my time. I strongly recommend it to everyone that wants to start or to get a deep knowledge in Licensing, ITAM or SAM.”
Asset Manager For Freudenberg IT LP.
“LISA gives us access to high quality training across a range of relevant subject areas, and the fact it is available online and on-demand means we can schedule sessions into an overall training plan that works for us.”
IT Asset Manager For Yorkshire Water

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