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Oracle Java Mastery: Navigating Evolution, Managing Risks, and Elevating Expertise:

Designed as an intermediate course in LISA’s Oracle curriculum, Oracle Java builds upon the foundation laid in the Oracle: Essentials course.

We delve deeper into the evolution of Oracle Java, exploring its evolving commercial model from free open-source code to its first licensing model to its current subscription model – which comes with significant challenges for IT and Software Asset Managers. We uncover the three key categories of risk associated with Oracle Java and equip you with the knowledge to adeptly manage Oracle Java. Oracle: Essentials serves as a crucial prerequisite for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Oracle or pursue further courses in this domain. 

Join us on this educational journey, laying the groundwork for your Oracle expertise and setting the stage for more advanced exploration into specific Oracle product lines. Elevate your proficiency and confidently navigate the complexities of Oracle management.

What You'll Learn:

By the end of this course, you will:

Course Content

  • Introduces the course leader.
  • Outlines course prerequisites, specific objectives for the course.
  • Provides a course outline.
  • Learn what Java is.
  • Make the distinction between JDK and JRE.
  • Introduce Oracle’s branded JDK.
  • Provide a timeline of the commercial model changes to Java.
  • Introduce the agreements that govern Oracle Java.
  • Learn more about the three major risk categories associated with Oracle Java (Security, Compliance and Financial Risks).
  • Explore their interconnected nature.
  • Delve deeper into these risks, including the nuances associated with properly licensing Java.
  • Learn what tools measure Java installations.
  • Explore the limitations tools have in measuring usage.
  • Learn what options (if any) you must address for risks associated with the employee metrics.
  • The exploration and introduction of alternative JDK providers and considerations for migrating.
  • The key learnings from the course.
  • Additional courses related to the topic.
  • Other helpful items to help with the management of Oracle Java.

Roy Reijnen is a Global Solutions specialist at SoftwareOne who specializes in Oracle, and more specifically Java. Roy has over 11 years of SAM experience as a consultant and practitioner. Prior to joining SoftwareOne, Roy also worked as a License Management Services (LMS) consultant for Oracle.





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