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Master ITAM for Cloud: Elevate Compliance, Optimise Costs, and Advance Your Career in IaaS Management:

Managing public cloud aka Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure is a rapidly growing part of IT asset management. As the rise of the cloud continues – both in terms of more organisations adopting the cloud but also an expansion of cloud services being used by each business – ensuring you understand the key concepts of managing license compliance, and cloud costs, will help you advance your ITAM career and practice going forwards.

Managing assets, license compliance, and costs in the cloud is still an emerging discipline within ITAM, and it can be hard to know where to start. This course sets out some of the key areas that IT asset management professionals need to get an understanding of cloud economics and managing license risk in these new environments. As well as looking at techniques to reduce cloud spend in a variety of ways, the course will also highlight potential license compliance issues with the key software vendors. The ITAM for IaaS Training Course will also seek to explain new technologies such as Containers as it’s much easier to manage something when you know what it is!

Our learning modules will not only share best practice and cloud management theory but will also build upon the real-life experiences of others in our community, so you’ll learn what to do, from people who have done it already. The ITAM for IaaS Training Course will grow with new technologies, trends, and vendors – as things advance, we will aim to create new content, that’s relevant to you, as fast as possible.

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Rich has been in the world of software licensing since 2003, and genuinely loves talking about it! He spent 12 years at a Microsoft channel partner, helping organisations select the best licensing agreements and make the most of their investments – and training internal sales teams. Since then he has been performing dedicated Microsoft licensing training and analysis His deep knowledge of Microsoft licensing, for both products and agreements, means his training can cover a wide range of topics that will help organisations every day. His range of experiences gives his training a unique edge that makes it easy to digest, informative and fun. Over the years, he has delivered training across Europe, The USA, and Australia to customers, partners and manufacturers.

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