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Unlock the Power of License Dashboard: Master SAM Essentials for Effective IT Asset Management

This course aims to provide you with both an overview of the License Dashboard tools, and SAM Essentials programme, including our partnership with LISA.

What You'll Learn:

By the end of this course, you will learn:

Course Content

  • Intro to License Dashboard.
  • Overview of License Manager with a focus on Virtualisation.
  • License Dashboard Portal.
  • Overview of what SAM Essentials is and how it works.
  • SAM Analyst qualification detail.
  • SAM Specialist qualification detail.
  • SAM Practitioner qualification detail.
  • How videos/courses on LISA relate to each year of the SAM Essentials program.

Course Contributors

James Bell

Senior ITAM Consultant, Phoenix Software
James introduces himself as a Senior ITAM (IT Asset Management) Consultant based in York, UK. With over a decade of experience in the industry, James has cultivated an in depth understanding of the intricacies and obstacles associated with effectively managing IT assets. His expertise encompasses software asset management, hardware asset management, license compliance, and procurement optimization. Presently, James leads and delivers one of License Dashboard’s most sought-after services - "SAM Essentials," aiming to empower clients with the skills necessary to manage and optimise their compliance position. In his current capacity, James collaborates closely with clients to devise and execute IT asset management strategies tailored to their individual needs and objectives. James has a proven track record of delivering outcomes that drive cost savings, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate risk.

Adam Green

Senior SAM Consultant, Phoenix Software
Adam has over 10 years’ experience supporting both vendor and customer led Compliance Reviews. Specializing in Microsoft Adam also has deep understanding of both Adobe and Autodesk lead licensing and audit practice. As the industry moves to subscriptions and the cloud much of the work now focuses on identifying cost savings through implementing ITAM best practice and helping organisations understand their estate and licensing.

Leah Rawlings

Senior ITAM Consultant, Phoenix Software
Leah Rawlings is a Senior SAM Consultant at License Dashboard who collaborates closely with a diverse portfolio of clients, including License Dashboard's SAM Essentials customers. Leah works to support these customers providing them with essential guidance and support to maximise the value of their software investments, as well as optimize their software assets efficiently and cost-effectively.

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