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Delivered by our expert consultants, our ITAM Crisis Management – Free Course covers a range of topics including:

ITAM Crisis Management - Where to focus in uncertain times

Things are different right now – businesses are quickly adopting remote working policies for millions of people across the world and IT needs to shift and adapt at a rapid pace. The most important thing is to keep companies up and running, so processes and procedures aren’t being adhered to as closely as usual right now. This is a difficult time. As we look beyond the current situation, a primary focus for organisations will be cost management and reduction – and ITAM is well placed to help.
Re-negotiating contracts and reducing cloud spend will be key areas, as will audit defence. Knowing what areas may present the highest risk of non-compliance is vital, as is knowing how to rectify any issues, and how to manage contracts for the various software vendors.
To help you manage your changing environments, we’ve taken the most relevant sections of our LISA on-demand training courses and made them freely available for the duration of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to help you identify potential risks, learn the skills to deal with them, and to successfully reduce costs going forward.

Course content

Module 1: SQL Server 2016/2017

  • License mobility
  • High availability & failover

Module 2: SQL Server 2019

  • SQL server 2019 high availability and disaster recovery changes 

Module 3: Office 365

  • Shared computer activation

Module 4: System Center 2016

  • Microsoft endpoint manager

Module 5: Windows Server & SQL Server 2008/R2

  • Extended Support Updates (ESU)

Module 6: Microsoft Azure

  • Azure – what is it?
  • Azure reserved instances
  • Azure advisor
  • Azure cost management

Module 1: Windows Server 2016

  • Azure Hybrid use benefit

Module 2: Office 365

  • O365 Licensing

Module 3: Microsoft 365

  • What is Microsoft 365?
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise
  • Microsoft 365 security & compliance bundles

Module 4: Licensing Programs

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA)

Module 1: Team

  • Managing extended virtual teams & building world class teams

Module 2: Stakeholders

  • Harnessing good ITAM data & working with CIO priorities

Module 3: Reclaim

  • ROI for hardware reclaim
  • ROI for reclaim – begin reclaim with request
  • Tracking usage

Module 3: Inventory

  • Tool types

Module 4: Verification

  • Introduction – What is Verification?

Module 1: IBM Licensing Essentials

  • IBM agreements and contracts
  • Sub-Capacity Licensing & ILMT

Module 1: Before An Audit

  • Risk factors
  • Reducing the chances of an audit

Module 2: Managing An Audit

  • Risk management
  • Software discovery

Module 3: After The Audit

  • Negotiating contracts with audits in mind

Module 1: Introduction to SAP Licensing

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Key sections of your agreements

Module 1: Getting started with ITAM for IaaS

  • People, processes, and tools for IaaS

Module 1: Getting started with ITAM for SaaS

  • People, processes, and tools for SaaS

Module 1: VMware Audits

  • Copy of VMware audits

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An annual subscription to LISA includes ALL of the following courses and more available immediately and on-demand 24/7/365. 

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Rich has been involved with Microsoft licensing since 2003, through a combination of sales, licensing and training delivery. This gives him a unique viewpoint on the Microsoft portfolio and an understanding of what’s important for all involved. Rich is here to help you understand – and apply – everything you need in the world of Microsoft licensing!