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Windows Server 2008 ILMT Deadline

March 29, 2021BY Dominic ( 0 ) Comment

If you are using ILMT to monitor Windows Server 2008 devices, you need to act now to avoid licence penalty fees that are typically six to ten times higher than your usual licence fee. The deadline for these devices to be eligible for Sub-capacity licensing expired in March 2021.

Most IBM customers are now aware that installing IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a condition for sub-capacity licensing, a rule that allows IBM customers to licence only the virtual cores running IBM applications instead of all physical cores in hosts or clusters.

However, many IBM customers are still not aware of that this is only one of the four conditions, all of which must be satisfied to avoid significant licence penalty fees.

The most often neglected condition is that the customer can only be sub-capacity eligible if they are running IBM software on “eligible virtualization technologies”. IBM publishes and updates a list of eligible virtualization technologies and eligible operating systems. However, it is down to its customers to review the changes and ensure their estate is up to date.

Following Microsoft’s announcement on Windows Server 2008 support withdrawal, IBM has announced its plans to remove Windows Server 2008 from its list of “eligible virtualisation technologies” by the end of Q1 2021. This means that all installations of IBM PVU/RVU Core software on Windows Server 2008 are no longer eligible for sub-capacity licensing, and customers can be subject to full-capacity liability claims against their physical cores.

Check out the IBM training module on LISA to understand the four conditions for Sub-capacity licensing eligibility.

Article by Eric Chui, Managing Director – Fisher ITS

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