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Autodesk licensing updates in 2022

April 8, 2022BY Wpengine ( 0 ) Comment

You might remember the changes introduced in 2020, when Autodesk discontinued of selling and renewing multi-user subscriptions:

This change had a backslash from the Autodesk community, since the offered 1:2 conversion rate (for one multi-user license you received 2 named user license) was not an ideal deal for each business. It could happen easily that 3 or 4 users were using one multi-user license. Since for the small-medium business the token flex license model was not commercially available, they had no other choose, than to purchase new named user licenses, or reduce the userbase based on activity. This often led to that the occasional users did not receive a license.

Autodesk seems to be paying attention to the feedback from the customers, and they have launched the token flex model for small-medium businesses as well. The token-flex model is not new for Autodesk, however until now it was only available for selected enterprise customers.

What is a token?

  • A token allows you to access any Autodesk product available with Flex for 24 hours at a time.
  • You can assign as many users as you would like to, and you can manage which products they can access.
  • Each products consumes a different token quantity

Available contract types:

  • Monthly payment
  • Annual payment
  • Multi-year payment

Current pricing is the following:

Key parts to keep in mind:

  • The tokens are not intended for daily usage
  • If you purchase a higher quantity, you might be able to negotiate a time exemption, to not consume tokens if the users closed the software in 2 minutes.
  • Your current usage restrictions are not changing with the standard token-flex agreement.

LISA Autodesk Licensing Course Leader Mátyás Jula comments:

‘’Autodesk listened to their customers, and made the token-flex license model widely available. I am excited to support the Lisa subscribers in the Autodesk licensing course, where we discuss how to manage effectively the named user licenses and tokens’’

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