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LISA Partners with Flexera

May 11, 2022BY Paul ( 0 ) Comment

LISA Partners with Flexera to offer ITAM, SAM and Licensing Training to Flexera Customers 

Flexera, the company that helps organizations maximize business value from their technology investments, announced an innovative partnership with LISA—The Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy by ITAM Review Learning—to accelerate educational opportunities for IT professionals navigating digital transformation in a quickly changing IT environment. 

The educational program, including exclusive content for Flexera customers, will be available on the Flexera community portal. 

 The Flexera 2021 State of Tech Spend report indicated that the top three CIO priorities were digital transformation, cybersecurity and cloud migration. Accordingly, asset management challenges have grown with the rapid adoption of SaaS, cloud, containers and other new technologies in hybrid environments. 

 Through the partnership between Flexera and ITAM Review Learning, Flexera customers and prospects can leverage the expertise of LISA Experts who have deep, hands-on experience in the ITAM industry, along with the product and industry expertise of Flexera. 

 “Digital transformation is accelerating across all industry verticals and company sizes, bringing complexities in asset management that were unforeseen just a few years ago,” said Sean Doherty, senior vice president of customer experience at Flexera. “ITAM teams require continuing education to keep their practices congruent with the new products and license models from technology vendors. Based on our own positive experience with this training content, I’m confident that this partnership with LISA will help asset management professionals achieve organizational goals.” 

 The Flexera 2021 State of ITAM report found that the industry faces challenges related to maturity and the complexity of new environments. More than three of four (76 percent) of respondents cited the maturity of SAM practices as a challenge, 70 percent of SAM teams experience a lack of qualified resources, and 50 percent of SAM teams lack a viable SAM tool to assist with their asset management activities. This LISA x Flexera partnership aims to help bridge that existing gap. 

 We’re delighted to partner with Flexera—with their focus on innovation and customer service—to offer this training opportunity to their client base,” said Henry Lee, Managing Director of ITAM Review Learning. “Over the last two decades, the IT asset management profession has grown to match the growing importance of IT. However, like many IT professions, the ITAM profession faces a skills shortage. LISA by ITAM Review Learning aims to help fill this skills gap for asset management professionals at every stage of their career. LISA offers an always-available resource for the community to build their skill-base, solve challenging asset management situations and ultimately enhance careers.” 

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