LISA - the Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy by ITAM Review Learning

ITAM tools are key to delivering best value from your ITAM program. We have courses to guide you through using Flexera One SaaS Manager and ServiceNow’s HAM & SAM modules. These courses provide practical, hands-on training in using the tools to deliver discover, inventory, and optimize software and hardware across your organization.


  • Module 1: Course Overview
  • Module 2: User Interface and Overview
  • Module 3: Preparing for SaaS Inventory Collection
  • Module 4: Inventory and Intro to SaaS Application
  • Module 5: Creating and Manage SaaS Licenses
  • Module 6: Managing Usage Activities
  • Module 7: Identify and Manage Shadow I.T.
  • Module 8: SaaS To IT Management Integration

HAM Section

  • Module 1: HAM Overview
  • Module 2: HAM Workspace
  • Module 3: Hardware model creation & normalisation
  • Module 4: Bulk Stock Order
  • Module 5: Hardware Asset Refresh Process
  • Module 6: Asset Task Swap
  • Module 7: RMA Process
  • Module 8: Asset Disposal Process
  • Module 9: Asset Inventory Audit
  • Module 10: Leased Asset Return
  • Module 11: Loaner Asset Request
  • Module 12: IT Asset Offboarding

SAM Section

  • Module 1: ITAM Introduction
  • Module 2: SAM Challenges
  • Module 3: How SAM Works
  • Module 4: SaaS SAM Optimisation
  • Module 5: Software Entitlement
  • Module 6: SAM Inventory
  • Module 7: Dashboard

Check out what our customers are saying about LISA​

“I’ve found the LISA platform a real Asset to my day to day work - having the course content, exam and certification in one platform and being able to return to exactly where you got to previously when your busy is invaluable”
Morgan Sindall Group PLC
“I would like to thank Martin Thompson for all the sessions of this great course! It was good to take part in this course, it was comprehensive, providing very good insights on IT asset management with focusing on the practical aspects. Looking forward to take part in more interesting courses like this!”
Global License Manager, CAM Systems Consulting GmbH
“LISA gives us access to high quality training across a range of relevant subject areas, and the fact it is available online and on-demand means we can schedule sessions into an overall training plan that works for us.”
IT Asset Manager For Yorkshire Water