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ITAM for SaaS Training – at a glance

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ITAM for SaaS Training

SaaS usage continues to grow rapidly, and so does wastage. It’s estimated that annual SaaS wastage equates to the GDP of Latvia, or the US state of Vermont. However, managing software subscriptions is an emerging discipline within ITAM and it can be hard to know where to start.
This course defines SaaS for ITAM Managers and explores the current market. It covers the differences between managing on-premises perpetual software and SaaS. It concludes with an introductory look at the People, Processes, and Tools needed for effective SaaS Management.

Why take the SAP Licensing certification?

  • Expand your knowledge and drive internal ITAM improvement
  • The ITAM Review certification is recognised across the globe to deliver knowledge though real-life scenarios
  • Increase potential earnings and qualify for more jobs
  • Demonstrate ROI through the processes you implement within your organisation
  • Fully understand each ITAM process
  • Meet your organisation’s priorities by managing risk and IT spend

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ITAM tools expert

AJ has worked in IT for 20 years in a variety of roles including IT Operations and Software Asset Management. He has practical, hands-on experience of ITAM Tools and provides training on how to use them to accurately reflect your license entitlements and consumption. He has a deep understanding of discovery and inventory techniques and also trains SAM professionals on IT Operations concepts such as virtualisation, containerisation, cloud, and SaaS.

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