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Micro Focus Licensing

Micro Focus licensing can be extremely complex due to the large number of acquisitions that they have made over the last 20+ years.  

Some examples of the common compliance issues that we will cover include desktop software installed on servers, geographical restrictions (such as the HP Site vs. Area vs. Global restriction) and complexities in varying definitions of licence metrics. 

What you'll learn

Our Micro Focus licensing course includes video training content on:

Why take the Micro Focus Licensing certification?

Course content

In this module we will introduce Micro Focus as a software publisher and explain how Micro Focus has built a name for themselves as an aggressive auditor by looking at the acquisitions they have made over the years, well-known court cases involving software disputes and their place at the top of the ‘least helpful software publisher’ poll. 

In this module we will explore the Micro Focus buying programs, EULA and Support Agreements and the key terms within each of them. We will discuss past-version product rights, the ‘all or nothing’ support policy and the standard VLA audit clause. 

In this module we will look at the non-production use rights inherited as part of the 2017 merger with HPE’s software business. We will cover the different classes of use rights and how they are applied and restricted.

In this module we will investigate the compliance process necessary to tackle a vendor with the complexity of Micro Focus. This includes how to identify the different software titles included in Micro Focus and the software agreement linked to that.

In this module we will investigate licensing for the original software Micro Focus got known for, COBOL. This includes a brief introduction in the history of COBOL, the software titles linked to this programming language and a closer look at some of the more used applications and their pitfalls. 

In this module we will investigate licensing for the products added to the Micro Focus library through its most prestigious expansion, the merger with the software branch of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This includes a closer look at some of the more common products sold under this umbrella and the common compliance pitfalls. 

In this module we will investigate some of the other titles acquired by Micro Focus through the last decades, including former publishers Attachmate, NetManage, Serena, Borland and NetIQ and identify what software can be included under these titles and how it’s licensed. 

Poppy Gacke, Micro Focus Expert


Poppy is a SAM and licensing specialist at FisherITS with experience including roles as Compliance Manager for a major software publisher and a professional services SAM account lead across a variety of industries. Poppy’s licensing knowledge includes numerous audit defence projects across most major software vendors, including contract reviews, advising on NDAs and devising strategies.

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