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IBM Licensing Practitioner Course

IBM Licensing can be extremely complex due to the wide range of products and the 100’s of different licensing metrics available. Additional complexity is added when using virtualisation technologies such as VMware or Hyper-V and ensuring compliant, cost-effective licensing in these environments too. 

As an expansion of our IBM Licensing Essentials course, IBM Licensing Practitioner is focused on advanced topics such as working with the data to prepare an effective license position (ELP) to review your compliance position. The course also introduces best practices how to manage a license compliance audit and what to expect when you’re planning to negotiate new Enterprise Agreement or extension of the current one. 

What you'll learn

Our IBM Licensing Practitioner course includes video training content on:

Why take the IBM Licensing certification?

IBM v the IRS: The Audit - What can we learn?

This story of an audit that found its way into court last year is, originally, from 2013 but only recently came to light…and it’s a doozy! 

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Katerina is a licensing consultant manager and IBM specialist, managing the portfolio of IBM licensing services at FisherITS. She is passionate about helping clients understand and improve their complex IBM licensing estate and gain confidence in navigating through the IBM universe.

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