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Oracle Licensing

Oracle licensing is well known for being difficult. Having high quality expert led training, available to review on-demand, can make a real difference when it comes to avoiding non-compliance penalties.

This Oracle license training course will teach you the fundamentals of Oracle Database licensing including:

Named User licensing

Counting Processors

License minimums

What to know with Oracle Core Factor Tables

Deploying Oracle on 3rd party Virtualization technologies, inc. VMware & IBM

Disaster Recovery environments

Working with Oracle documentation and more.

This training will help you understand Oracle's Database licensing rules and to be able to identify, and avoid, common non-compliance scenarios. Many of Oracle’s rules are different to those of other manufacturers, so making sure the correct rules are being followed for the correct software is a great start to keeping your licensing on track.

Richard is one of the managing partners at B-lay and brings more than thirteen years of relevant license management experience to his role, having previously served as regional director of compliance at Oracle. Richard uses his knowledge of enterprise software vendors to educate, equip and enable software end users in their challenges regarding proper software license management. Richard holds a master’s degree in IT, from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Richard Spithoven

Oracle expert