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15th & 16th November 2023 at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia.

As a busy ITAM professional there are several things you need: 

  • The most current and relevant information 
  • A view of the current and future developments in ITAM & cloud
  • Insights into the software publishers 
  • Opportunities to make new connections 
  • A strong, supportive network 
  • A plan to expand your remit and skills 
  • More time 
  • A bigger budget 

Attending Wisdom APAC 2023 can help you achieve all of these (and more) so come along and enjoy a wide range of presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions – all delivered by carefully chosen industry professionals. Now in its 5th year, Wisdom APAC truly is a not to be missed event in the ITAM calendar. 

Please note, this conference is an in-person event only and there will be no option to join the sessions virtually.

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