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LISA launches YouTube and Podcast channels

October 25, 2021BY Zazkia Berlin ( 0 ) Comment

Here at LISA, we are constantly working on creating new and interesting ITAM and SAM content. As such, we want to offer you the opportunity to get to know some of our Course Leaders and LISA subscribers and hear their thoughts on everything ITAM and SAM.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of our LISA Video and Podcast channels on YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud!

The channels can be found here:




On these channels, we will run three separate series, providing you with interesting industry insights catering to every professional experience level. So, whether you are just starting out in ITAM/SAM or you are a seasoned expert, we hope that you will enjoy learning from expert Course Leaders as well as industry peers.

The three series we’ll be launching across all these channels are:

LISA Course Insights – Snapshots from current and future courses on the LISA platform

LISA the Leaders – A profile on our Course Leaders, including their professional experience and updates on their areas of specialism

LISA the Professionals – Interviews with some of our LISA subscribers. Hearing their experience working in the industry, thoughts on career progression, and tips and tricks on how to run a successful ITAM/SAM practice

In the very first episode of the LISA the Professionals series, we meet Darryl Smith, Management and Program Analyst at NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) to discuss Darryl’s career path to date and how to run a successful ITAM practice

As per the VARK principle we use in our LISA training, we try and provide a variety of learning options.

All content on the YouTube and Podcast platforms will be mirrored, allowing you to listen or watch on the platform that best suits your personal preference.

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